What is nofltr?

Nofltr (founded in 2017) is the first Black-owned Social Media platform. Being a blockchain-protected and AI-moderated Social Media platform makes it easier for you to connect with creators who inspire you, friends, and fans of your work. Groups make it easier for you to find what you're interested in and target people likely to be interested in you. Events help you keep and forge real world connections. And the Nofltr Blockchain and AI-Driven Bothunter help keep you safe from hackers and scanners.

Who is the founder?

Nofltr was founded in 2017 by photographer and tech entrepreneur David Hawkins of DHI Enterprises

Can I invest?

We're currently (as of 2023) open to a limited number of seed investors. Once we've reached our cap there likely won't be any investment opportunities before 2024 as we seek to grow the platform.

What make nofltr different from every other Social Media platform?

We are heavily creator and technology-focused. We're also geared towards helping our users develop communities here and connecting them to the world. Through Groups, Events, and our 6Block World Interpretation System, we feel we've truly brought the "Social" part back to Social Media.