Nofltr at the Go Entrepreneurs 2022 Event

You may have noticed that the pace of updates and visual improvements has increased dramatically over the past few months. That's because we've been in preparations for the Go Entrepreneurs 2022 summit in Marseille, France. Hundreds of startups and investors are scheduled to attend, so we wanted to put our best foot forwards. In addition to this revived blog you'll notice the old nofltr website is a thing of the past and this new site you're on will lay the groundwork for the desktop version of our platform.

In addition we've got tons of updates in the works for our iPhone and Android apps including screen casting, enhanced video support, revamped groups and events and much more. We're excited to see what comes of the Go Entrepreneurs event and be ready for more big announcements coming soon.

The old nofltr website is a thing of the past and the new site lays the groundwork for our desktop platform. - Money For This Art


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